Morton Feldman

For Christian Wolff

Like nature, Feldman’s music has an indestructible quality, for all its surface fragility. As a personality Feldman was abrasive but brittle; he could be insensitive to the feelings of others but one sensed in him a vulnerability. «The real for me is how I can leap into this thing which I call life. Music must have sensuous dimension», he once said. The sensuality of touching the instrument. Often, before I start playing the piano I gently caress the instrument. Comparable to love-making, you approach your lover with a degree of trepidation; there is no clear objective. Then, the first touch. Osterfestival Tirol (Galerie St. Barbara) This festival was founded in 1989 in Hall in Tyrol and Innsbruck. It is part the Galerie St. Barbara (association existing since 1968) that since it’s beginnings focuses on contemporary art forms and expressions. The link and relation between the different arts is the main topic of the festival: from music (ancient, contemporary, classical non-european) to art, from dance and performance to theatre,... During the years, Hall in Tyrol has become – due to this private institution – a meeting point for Avantgarde and a centre for contemporary thoughts with a high international value. Private friendships arose from this work and invitations to composers like György Ligeti, John Cage, Dieter Schnebel, Christian Wolff, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Steve Reich, Conlon Nancarrow, Georg Fr. Haas and many more. Since the contact with John Tilbury – one of the most important interpreters for Feldman’s music – in the 70s, the festival and the association is dedicated to the music of Morton Feldman and has produced the CD "All piano" with Feldman’s complete solo piano works, interpreted by John Tilbury.

John TILBURY Piano-Celeste, Carla REES Flute

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