Karlheinz Stockhausen

Klavierstücke I-XI Bernhard Wambach-Havemann

My first encounter with Stockhausen’s music was through a record I heard during the sixties. The pieces that so completely enmeshed me were entitled "Refrain" and "Kontakte". This was music the likes of which I had never heard before. Shortly after this, a record was released with the piece "Klavierstück X" (piece for piano), played by Frederic Rzewski in a way that was unrivaled. Once I had heard this piece as well, I wanted to play the "Klavierstück X". In the seventies, when I felt that I was ready, thanks to having studied Schönberg’s works, I began to work on "Klavierstücke" by Stockhausen. First I studied the IX, then the X and XI - and also "Kontakte" for electronic sound, piano and drums. But I was already so eager to play all the works by this composer, works that use my instrument in solo pieces or in an ensemble. So in the early eighties, I added "Klavierstücke I - VIII" to my repertoire.

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