Morton Feldman

For Philip Guston John Tilbury Piano Carla Rees Flute Simon Allen Percussions

Appreciating For Philip Guston requires a totally different idea of the passing of time. It is a lengthy piece and calls for an approach to the listening experience which is quite diverse from that of a more conventional piece of music. It immediately recalls lengthier works composed in the 1930s - such as Kaikhosru Shapuri Sorabji’s Opus Clavicembalisticum or his Symphonic Variations for Piano (nine hours listening time …) for instance - or the more recent Road by Frederic Rzewski. For Philip Guston, however, does not present us with the casual sound of life. It unfurls delightful, delicate filigrees that waft in and fade: sustained seduction, quivers of emotion that may recall Schubert’s "heavenly length" with regard to the need for detailed yet patient listening.

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