Richard Trythall

Parts Unknown

Trythall, virtuoso pianist, specialist in contemporary piano music and in the music of composers such as Charles Ives and Jelly Roll Morton, presents a work which was composed over the course of several years. His language, characterized by...


Olivier Messiaen

Quatuor pour la fin du temps

This large work for clarinet, violin, ’cello and piano testifies to the fact that music’s spirituality can offer a ray of hope even in the darkest moments in which an artist, a human being, may find him or herself. In fact, the concepti...


Roberto Fabbriciani

XX live dream flute

Many important composers have expressed their enthusiastic appreciation of Roberto Fabbriciani - from Cage to Nono. The recital which Fabbriciani gave in Sogna exploited a variety of performing spaces - indoors and outdoors - within the vil...


Jean-Pierre Drouet

Les mains veulent parler aussi

For Drouet, improvisation offers a true scenic space for musical theatre. With a capacity not easily described, he guides us through an itinerary which unites game play with commitment to a research for new sounds creating sonic realities i...


Bruno Canino


Bruno Canino is the most important Italian pianist of his generation. His tireless activity - as soloist and in the company of internationally famous concert artists - has carried him throughout the world. His repertoire is without limits a...


Vinko Globokar

La Tromba è Mobile

A leading member of the avant-garde musical panorama during the 1960’s, Globokar unites his role as a world class trombonist with a vast compositional output. In his works, the performing gesture is joined intimately with sonic research -...


David Moss

Music for voice, electronics and percussion

The case of David Moss is unique. This extraordinary vocalist has a range which goes from bass through high soprano, a powerful voice and a perfectly calibrated intonation. These characteristics make him an exceptional performer who, during...


Daniele Lombardi et alii

Suono, segno, gesto visione a Firenze

This valuable recording documents the exceptional meeting of Bussotti, Cardini, Chiari and Lombardi. Together for the first time, these four composer-pianists are the protagonists of "Florentine Art Music" - an important phenomenon in the h...


Pietro Grossi et alii

Suono Segno Gesto Visione a Firenze 2

More than 50 years of musical culture have taken place in Florence since the end of World War 2. This should be systematically explored. Besides the celebrations, it is time to acknowledge that, during the 1960’s, Florence produced a "Mus...


Michael Riessler

Doppelter Boden - Soli

… "soli" is expanding the presumed limits of an instrument with the help of a personal musical language is central to my approach to the instrument. The focal point is the playful method of improvising with this vocabulary. The performing...


John Tilbury

Piano Triadic Memories - Notti Stellate a Vagli

John Tilbury has given concerts and broadcasts of new music, including first performances, in many countries around the world. His solo recordings include Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano, from the seventies, and more rece...


Teodoro Anzellotti

Recondite Fisarmonie Accordion

Teodoro Anzellotti was born at Candela in Puglia, but grew up near Baden-Baden and studied at the conservatories of Karlsruhe and Trossingen under Jürgen Habermann and Hugo Noth. Teodoro Anzellotti is the winner of numerous international a...


Alvin Curran

Endangered Species

Endangered Species is a space, a container which holds my sound archive in little vials of distilled essences. An archive of distillations culled from years of listening to everything from the mumbled sounds in dreams to threatening roars o...


Pietro Grossi

Bit Art

Pietro Grossi was trained as a violoncellist and composer. The present opportunity offers us the chance to listen to his early instrumental works and to consider the exemplary coherence which characterized his development throughout the fol...


Lucia Bova

Still Harping on Music

In this journey, Sequenza II by Luciano Berio is a true milestone. It is part of a larger project by the composer (fourteen Sequenze), who wanted to explore and investigate "the measures beyond the measures" in each instrument, in an instru...


Karlheinz Stockhausen

Klavierstücke I-XI Bernhard Wambach-Havemann

My first encounter with Stockhausen’s music was through a record I heard during the sixties. The pieces that so completely enmeshed me were entitled "Refrain" and "Kontakte". This was music the likes of which I had never heard before. Sho...


Daniele Lombardi

Cage Age

A fundamental aspect of Cage’s concept of music, from the form to the event, was randomness, improvisation, movable structure, impromptu choices by the performer, more or less guided by schemes that often are only indications of time segm...


Morton Feldman

For Philip Guston John Tilbury Piano Carla Rees Flute Simon Allen Percussions

Appreciating For Philip Guston requires a totally different idea of the passing of time. It is a lengthy piece and calls for an approach to the listening experience which is quite diverse from that of a more conventional piece of music. It ...


Sofia Gubaidulina


The first CD of this double album contains a series of compositions in which percussion is the protagonist. I was very surprised to see how Gubaidulina dealt with them, layering a complex fabric of up to seven different sets and how she the...


Morton Feldman

For Christian Wolff

Like nature, Feldman’s music has an indestructible quality, for all its surface fragility. As a personality Feldman was abrasive but brittle; he could be insensitive to the feelings of others but one sensed in him a vulnerability. «The r...


Manuel Zurria

Hotel Boltanski

On this recording, as I have already done in the past, I appropriated music that belonged to other instruments to create apocryphal versions of it (sometimes with license) and then delivered them to the final and resolute judgment of the au...


Aldo Bennici

I colori della viola

Aldo Bennici has journeyed through half a century of Italian music with the fast and sometimes feverish pace of a protagonist, but also with the lively eye of the witness. He has been at the centre - as an interpreter - of that vortex of ...


Roberto Fabbriciani

Monochromer Garten

The flute is perhaps the oldest musical instrument, found in every civilization – each with its own variation according to the sensibility. In Western culture the flute draws a melodic line parallel to the human voice, overcoming its lim...


Jonathan Faralli

Daniele Lombardi: works for percussion

When it comes to personal encounters, there are events for which the definition "mysterious" would be a huge understatement, and this is true of my meeting with Daniele Lombardi. I got to know the artist well (but the man far less so), wi...