Alvin Curran

Endangered Species

Endangered Species is a space, a container which holds my sound archive in little vials of distilled essences. An archive of distillations culled from years of listening to everything from the mumbled sounds in dreams to threatening roars of nature gone mad, from the near absolute stillness of an Italian Ferragosto to the din accompanying a Balinese funeral, Cicadas having sex to mating Bisons, human howling wolfmen, broken fog-horns, Meuzzin calling from Mosques. Having collected these for over 40 years, they now reappear as elemental bits of digital samples – ordered and layered by the 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s as a giant world-instrument which – mapped to an ordinary 88 key Midi keyboard in numerous groups – enables me, like a living musical instrument, to spontaneously play the entire world from my fingertips, recreating and reconfiguring new worlds from moment to moment, day to day occasion to occasion at each act of performance, each Act of Providence, each act of plowing and turning the soil.

World premiere recording Alvin Curran - live solo performance Endangered Species REVIEWED by MARK SEALEY ("Reviewed …" è un link:

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