Sofia Gubaidulina


The first CD of this double album contains a series of compositions in which percussion is the protagonist. I was very surprised to see how Gubaidulina dealt with them, layering a complex fabric of up to seven different sets and how she then achieved unprecedented results, daring to put these sound sources together with other instruments like the organ. But this union is also the other theme of the CD, which, apart from two short piano pieces, has an original chamber music dimension, a mix of sounds that is the result of all these different elements that I described above. It is truly a new music that strikes us for the clarity of its syntactic thought and a continuous elegance of writing that has a very profound communicative value, written by a composer who will remain in the history of these decades as someone who lead the evolution of music research, the author of some true masterpieces.

Jonathan Faralli - Conductor and percussion soloist, Edy Bodecchi - Organ. I percussionisti dell’Istituto Pietro Mascagni di Livorno: Samuel Baldi, Tommaso Ferrieri Caputi, Giacomo Putrino, Mario Lai, Matteo Lenzi, Fabio Macchiavelli, Giacomo Cirinei *World premiere recording

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